New Celeritas USB Response Units


Newest Celeritas USB Response Units Released

USB versions of our Celeritas fMRI response units are perfect for practicing a task,
perhaps in an MRI Simulator, prior to performing the task in the scanner. Celeritas USB response units are now available for the following models: 2- and 3-button left/right Ergo, 2- and 3-button ambidextrous, and 5-button left/right. The USB cable (not pictured) will connect directly to the PC running the experiment.

Celeritas Fiber Optic and USB Response Units can be used within E-Prime or any other experiment development software that accepts a keyboard as a response input.

MRI Simulator

MRI Simulator


We are currently working on the next version of our MRI Simulator! In the meantime, we are fulfilling some custom orders for our Deluxe MRI Simulator (pictured on the left).

The MRI Simulator is primarily used by hospitals and research centers to acclimate participants or patients to the MRI environment and provide a platform for research participants to practice on before going into the real scanner. The MRI Simulator has also become popular in MRI technologist training programs as well as hospital simulation centers.

The next version of the MRI Simulator (available in 2021) will include a more modern scanner facade with integrated touch screen control panels, updated table with realistic feel and movement, multi-level bore and accent lighting, fans, built-in audio system, laser crosshair, and patient squeeze ball.



E-Prime Go

E-Prime Go is a free add-on for E-Prime 3.0 users! Researchers can now host their experiments on our site and share the link with participants. Once the participant completes the experiment, their data will be automatically uploaded to the researcher’s account. To access E-Prime Go, researchers can simply register their E-Prime 3.0 serial number on our support site to download the E-Prime Go application.