New E-Prime Go Release

Automated Data Upload and More!

A new release of E-Prime Go is now available for E-Prime 3.0 users! You can now host your experiments on our site and share the link with your participants. Once the participant completes the experiment, their data will be automatically uploaded to your account.

To access E-Prime Go, simply register your E-Prime 3.0 serial number on our support site to download the E-Prime Go application as well as the User Manual. Use your login credentials for the E-Prime Go website.

Updates to the E-Prime Go website will occur periodically (e.g., ability to delete experiments, filtering, and experiment status updates). Each account has an allowable storage limit of 2 GB. We recommend downloading your data regularly to store in your preferred location.

Verifying Machine Specifications & Timing

If you will be analyzing reaction time data, we recommend confirming with your participants that their machine meets E-Prime 3.0 Minimal Requirements.

Tips on confirmation of machine specifications and timing:

  • quick verification app to confirm a PC meets E-Prime 3.0 minimal requirements is available on our support site.
  • An Experiment Advisor Report (EAR) is generated with every experiment session. This file will be included with the session files that are uploaded to your account. The EAR contains details about the participant’s machine, including device information and other applications running alongside the experiment.
  • E-Prime Go has a “Collect DirectX Diagnostic Information” checkbox that will generate a dxdiag.txt file. If collected, this file will give you details about the software and hardware environment of the participant’s machine and will be included with the session files that are uploaded to your account.
  • To verify machine timing, insert an InLine Object with our sample script (KB35028: E-Prime Go Timing Information) into your experiment.

E-Prime Upgrades

If you have E-Prime 2.0 and would like to upgrade to E-Prime 3.0, you can save 20% by purchasing an Upgrade License. The E-Prime 3.0 Upgrade License validation process requires your E-Prime 2.0 License Key. If you would like to upgrade to E-Prime 3.0 but your E-Prime 2.0 key is locked in your lab, please contact us.

E-Prime Resources

Be sure to register your E-Prime serial number on our support site to be able to access the Downloads section while working remotely.

We have a number of resources for you to become familiar with E-Prime 3.0; including over 70 videos on our YouTube ChannelSample Experiments containing helpful examples, as well as more than 150 experiments that are in a “ready to run” state. All available experiments can be downloaded and edited to meet your needs.


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Browse or search hundreds of articles in our Knowledge Base and Online Documentation sections. Our Online Documentation includes Advanced Tutorials on using images, movies, sounds, and scripting in E-Prime.