Introducing EENS

Combine E-Prime 3.0 with Net Station 5 and GES 400/GTEN 200

E-Prime Extensions for Net Station 3.0 Now Available

We are excited to announce that E-Prime Extensions for Net Station 3.0 (EENS 3.0) can now be used with E-Prime 3.0 and Net Station 5.

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Take advantage of the new features in E-Prime 3.0 to simplify your research

  • Library of experiments to download
  • Drag and drop buttons and survey items
  • Improved audio/video playback
  • Slide Layout Templates
  • Troubleshoot your experiment in a floating window
  • And many more…


Please contact your local Phillips Neuro (EGI) representative to upgrade to E-Prime 3.0 and EENS 3.0





E-Prime Extensions for Net Station 3.0 Features

  • Maintain millisecond-accurate timing synchronization between E-Prime 3.0 and Net Station 5
  • Net Station toolbox of pre-defined package calls in E-Studio
  • Drag-and-drop package calls give the ability to:
    • Start and stop the EEG recording
    • Send markers based on the onset time of objects and trial conditions for simpler data analysis
    • Load, start, and stop pulse trains for neuromodulation















Using Chronos to Maintain Millisecond Accuracy


Together, E-Prime and Chronos deliver millisecond-accurate stimulus presentation, response collection, external device communication, and sound output. This timing accuracy cannot be achieved using a mouse, keyboard, or onboard sound card. Chronos features its own sound card to achieve millisecond-accurate sound onset times across all machines in your lab, which is essential for EEG research with an audio component.


Our new Chronos Adapters provide a quick, plug-and-play solution. No parallel port or wiring necessary. The Chronos Adapter for Philips Neuro will directly connect Chronos to the GES 400 and GTEN 200 amplifiers, allowing you to send digital markers into your Net Station 5 data stream.


Combine Phillips Neuro EEG and Tobii Pro Eye Tracking

Achieve millisecond-accurate timing synchronization and gaze contingency with E-Prime Extensions for Net Station and E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro. Adding Tobii Pro Eye Tracking to your EENS 3.0 experiment takes less than 10 minutes!
EET Now Compatible with Spectrum