Submit your most innovative E-Prime 3 experiment for a chance to win our E-Prime Challenge.

We will announce the winner at Psychonomics 2019 (November 14-17) in Montreal. The winner will receive an E-Prime 3.0 Single User License, a Chronos, and an E-Prime Challenge t-shirt.

Congratulations to Roland Pfister – University of Wuerzburg!

Our team of judges will review each experiment to select the winner based on the following categories:

  • Is the experiment an innovative use of E-Prime?
  • Does the experiment make the best use of available features to accomplish their design?
  • Has the submitter employed E-Prime best practices in their experiment (e.g., do they avoid common mistakes; are objects, attributes, variables, subroutines, etc. logically named; is any inline script well commented)?
  • Is the data output of the experiment sufficient to analyze the hypothesis in the experiment description?


Check out our judges!

Anthony Zuccolotto

Original E-Prime Developer, Current President and CEO of PST

Brandon Cernicky

Lead E-Prime Developer, Software Engineering Manager of PST

David McFarlane

Systems Designer at Michigan State University, Famous Google Group Contributor

Michiel Spape

Senior Researcher at University of Helsinki, Co-Author of The E-Primer, Popular Google Group Contributor


  • The experiment must use E-Prime 3.0. If you don’t have it, use the demo.
  • The experiment must be authored by the submitter
  • The submission of the experiment implies consent that the experiment can be shared in our Experiment Library if chosen by our judges
  • Each submitter is limited to one submission
  • If the experiment is designed to communicate with an external device, then a sample data file must be included in the submission to confirm the experiment functions as designed

Important Dates and Details

  • Submissions are due by 5:00 PM EDT (UTC -4) October 31, 2019
  • Submit your zipped experiment and resource files below
  • Winner will be announced November 14, 2019 at Psychonomics (winner does not need to be present)
  • The winning experiment will be shown at Psychonomics and will be noted in our Experiment Library
  • A subset of the submissions chosen by our judges will be shared in our Experiment Library (credit will be given to the authors)