Using E-Prime 3.0 over Zoom

E-Prime users are conducting experiments and teaching courses over Zoom using the Windowed Mode feature of E-Prime 3.0*.

Dr. Karla McGregor from Boys Town National Research Hospital writes, “The Children’s Vocabulary Project, funded by the National Institutes of Health (McGregor, P.I.), is a longitudinal study of changes in children’s ability to learn words over the first four years of school. A robust vocabulary is essential for learning to read and for academic success but some children find it more difficult to learn new vocabulary words than others. We are particularly interested in the word learning challenges faced by children with Developmental Language Disorder, a prevalent neurodevelopmental disability that impairs the learning, comprehension, and use of spoken and written language. Each year, we visit the children participating in the project three to five times each to measure their word learning and to determine conditions that impede or enhance their learning. We present the word-learning scripts and measure the children’s responses with E-Prime during face-to-face visits. Now, about half way through the project, we have halted in-person data collection due to safety concerns for the participants and the examiners during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know we are not alone in attempting a quick pivot to remote data collection. Our preliminary testing of E-Prime presentations over a Zoom platform have been extremely promising. Once we work out IRB approval, we will be back on track–off schedule a bit from our planned intervals, but nevertheless, able to see all participants for their yearly visits.”

*Notes for using E-Prime over Zoom:

  • Disable the Sound device in your Experiment Object properties.
  • Timing in Windowed Mode has not been verified. Experiments with reaction time measures should not be run using this method.