Using E-Prime for Remote Data Collection

Collecting Data Remotely

COVID-19 closures have swiftly changed the typical model of running participants through research studies in a lab environment. Our top priority is providing solutions to assist you during this time.

Next week we will be announcing a free add-on, E-Prime Go, to enable our E-Prime 3.0 users to pack up their experiment and send it to participants to complete in a few simple clicks. We will continue to provide updates to E-Prime Go over the coming weeks to add new features.

Prior to the release of E-Prime Go, or if you are an E-Prime 2.0 user, please continue to reach out to us for the current steps to collect data remotely. Due to some technical hurdles, E-Prime Go will not be compatible with E-Prime 2.0, however, we are happy to support you with our current model of remote data collection.


E-Prime 3.0 and Zoom

E-Prime users are conducting experiments and teaching E-Prime courses over Zoom using the Windowed Mode feature of E-Prime 3.0.

Dr. Karla McGregor from Boys Town National Research Hospital writes, “… We present the word-learning scripts and measure the children’s responses with E-Prime during face-to-face visits. Now, about half way through the project, we have halted in-person data collection due to safety concerns for the participants and the examiners during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know we are not alone in attempting a quick pivot to remote data collection. Our preliminary testing of E-Prime presentations over a Zoom platform have been extremely promising…”




Running E-Prime on a Mac

While E-Prime is only supported on Windows OS, users have had success using a Mac with Boot Camp running Windows OS. The timing data for this configuration is located on our support site.


E-Prime Access

We have increased the number of users who can simultaneously access the Group License at PST during the COVID-19 closures. If you need to use E-Studio during this time and do not have your USB License Key, please email us for instructions on how to access our license remotely.




E-Prime Resources

The E-Prime 3.0 edition of the E-Primer is now available! Read more about the new edition on the E-Primer website. Be sure to register your E-Prime serial number in our support site to be able to access the Downloads section while working remotely. The E-Prime 3 Experiment Library includes completed experiments that can be downloaded to use and/or modify. Examples of how to perform specific actions in your experiment are available in our Samples area. Our YouTube channel is updated regularly with new tutorials. Browse or search hundreds of articles in our Knowledge Base and Online Documentation sections. Our Online Documentation includes Advanced Tutorials on using images, movies, sounds, and scripting in E-Prime.