E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.1 is now available!

E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii Pro combines the power of
E-Prime with easy-to-use Tobii Pro eye trackers.

E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii Pro includes:

  • Tobii Pro Toolbox in E-Studio with preconfigured package calls
  • Drag and drop prenamed package calls into your experiment structure
  • Specify frequency of eye tracker within E-Prime
  • Auto-detection of eye tracker within E-Prime
  • Train subjects to fixate and control eye movements
  • Give feedback on vigilance or attentive behaviors
  • Combine eye gaze data with E-Prime condition data for powerful analysis
  • Create interactive or passive eye tracking paradigms
  • Change experiment based on subject eye gaze data, AOI, fixation, and more
  • Allows for the use of Tobii Pro eye tracker as an input device for E-Prime
  • Supports multiple AOIs
  • Supports dynamic definitions of fixation and dwell time
  • Start and stop trials contingent on eye gaze, fixation, or eye movement criterion
  • Script library to allow additional runtime processing of data
  • Calibrate inside or outside of E-Prime
  • Three types of calibration inside of E-Prime (regular, manual, infant)
  • Allows the overlay of eye gaze data with your E-Prime stimuli

















EET Now Compatible with Spectrum

E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro (EET) is now compatible with the Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker – capturing data at speeds up to 1200 Hz! This update is free for EET 3.0 users. To access this download, please visit our support site.

Ask for a discount

E-Prime Extensions for Tobii 2.0 users will receive a 40% upgrade discount with proof of purchase. This 40% upgrade discount will end October 31, 2018. Contact our Sales team for details. E-Prime Extensions for Tobii 2.0 and E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro 3.0 or 3.1 can be installed side-by-side. You will be able to maintain ongoing experiments while creating your new experiments in E-Prime 3.0/EET 3.0 or 3.1.

Update your experiments

EET 3.1 uses the Tobii Pro SDK for communicating with the Tobii Pro eye trackers. The Tobii Pro SDK properties are supported in the gaze data file. Therefore, when updating an experiment to EET 3.1, users will need to modify sections of script related to the gaze data file. These modifications are listed in our Knowledge Base article, “Upgrading an Experiment to EET 3.1” on our support site.