E-Prime 3.0 Update 1 Now Available

E-Prime 3.0 Update 1 Now Available

E-Prime 3.0 Update 1 is now available. This update contains several enhancements, including the fix for users with the Windows 10 Creators Update. We had previously announced Microsoft introduced a bug into Windows 10 Creators Update which interrupted E-Prime’s ability to detect the refresh rate resulting in a runtime error stating, “Unable to obtain a valid refresh rate”.

Please see the Change History article for additional modifications in this update.

Access Download | Change History

If you are using E-Prime 3.0, please download E-Prime 3.0 Update 1.

If you are using E-Prime 2.0 and experiencing the Windows 10 Creators Update issue, please continue to use the workaround available in our Knowledge Base.

Microsoft has informed us that a behavior change was made in the Creators Update that caused this interruption for E-Prime to detect the refresh rate. Microsoft has logged this behavior change as a bug in their system. Although we have now have a fix for E-Prime 3.0 and a workaround for E-Prime 2.0, we fully expect Microsoft to include a fix in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – due to be released soon.
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