E-Prime 3.0 Cloud Licensing

E-Prime cloud license

Cloud Licenses will be delivered via email with instructions to register, install, and manage your E-Prime 3.0 Cloud License.

Benefits of Cloud Licensing:

  • Start using your new license within minutes
  • Easily share with colleagues
  • Makes remote work easier
  • No shipping fees
  • No lost USB License Keys
  • Easily add users to a license
  • Greater flexibility and control over group licenses
  • Annual Subscription option

Requirements of Cloud Licensing:

  • Internet connection during experiment design in E-Studio
  • Windows 10 or 11

An internet connection is needed when designing your experiment in E-Studio. No internet connection is needed when collecting data with E-Run on your testing computer.

E-Prime 3.0 Perpetual and Annual Cloud Licenses are available in our online store. Receive your Cloud License and get started working within minutes!

Still want to use a USB License Key? Not a problem! We will continue to offer E-Prime 3.0 USB Licenses.

Upgrading from E-Prime 2.0? Contact Sales to receive a 20% discount code for E-Prime 3.0. You will need access to your green E-Prime 2.0 USB License Key.