2018 E-Prime Challenge Experiments Now Available

Submissions from our first E-Prime Challenge are now available in our Experiment Library. Check out the winning experiment! Be sure to credit the author when using one of the experiments.

User Submissions | 1st Place | 2nd Place

E-Prime Challenge Experiments were created in E-Prime 3.0. If you are still using E-Prime 2.0, don’t worry, download the free E-Prime 3.0 demo. If you like what you see, purchase it in our online store. E-Prime 2.0 users can receive a 20% discount on E-Prime 3.0 by purchasing an Upgrade License. You will maintain access to your E-Prime 2.0 license.

Do you have an E-Prime experiment to share?

We encourage you to share your experiments with the E-Prime community. Help new users gain familiarity and allow experienced users to see different approaches of experiment design. We hope to build a large repository of user-submitted experiments, ranging from basic to advanced, in our growing E-Prime Experiment Library.

Please provide a descriptive summary of your experiment, including any specific instructions that are necessary to run the experiment. Once we receive your submission, you can look for it in our User Submissions section of the Experiment Library within a few days