Welcome to E-Prime 1.2

E-Prime 3.0 is now available!

TIMING ALERT: Machine configuration, design, or faulty components may result in bad timing data

What is new in E-Prime?
E-Prime 1.2 includes all of the features from E-Prime 1.0 and E-Prime 1.1 as well as the updates, fixes and features from E-Prime 1.1 SP1, SP2, and SP3. In addition, E-Prime 1.2 includes some updates and fixes. The major improvement to E-Prime 1.2 is E-Prime AutoUpdate which allows E-Studio to check the web for new updates to E-Prime. If an update is available, you can be prompted to automatically download it.

E-Prime Support
All technical support requests must be submitted and coordinated through our web site.

To register for support visit the PST Product Service and Support site at https://support.pstnet.com. You may register at a later time via the Help menu located within E-Studio. It is recommended that each user register for web support individually.

The E-Prime Web Support Area includes the Latest News regarding updates, and Service Packs; a Download section to download Sample Paradigms, Documentation, Utilities; and a Knowledge Base section that lists Bug Fixes, New Features, Known Issues and FAQs received by our technical support staff.


Timing Information
Please visit the E-Prime Timing Knowledge Base article.

This timing web pages provides a wealth of information regarding critical timing within E-Prime. Areas of interest include the RefreshClockTest experiment, addendums to the Critical Timing Chapter, timing benchmarks, and the latest timing news.

All users are strongly encouraged to download and run the updated RefreshClockTest experiment on any machine that will be used to collect subject data. The RefreshClockTest experiment is specifically designed to evaluate and report your machine’s performance and compatibility using E-Prime to collect subject data. It has been updated for E-Prime 1.2.