Introducing RadSim

MRI Simulation

Introducing the RadSim name for MRI Simulation products

Psychology Software Tools has been offering MRI Simulation products for over 15 years! Initially, our motivation for developing MRI Simulators was for the purpose of acclimating participants for fMRI studies to identify claustrophobia, train participants to keep still, and practice tasks to avoid failed scans. Over time, Children’s Hospitals, MRI Technician Programs, and Simulation Centers have adopted MRI Simulators at their institutions for a variety of uses. During that time we realized there was confusion about how our company name related to the MRI Simulator product line. Moving forward we will be exhibiting at industry conferences under RadSim OR Psychology Software Tools based on what makes the most sense for the conference attendees. Rest assured there will be no changes to the high-quality production or support of the MRI Simulator line of products; everything will continue to be handled in our Pittsburgh office.

Learn more about our Vera MRI Simulator as well as our new Encore MRI Simulator!

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