E-Prime Extensions for Brain Products is now available!

E-Prime® Extensions for Brain Products™ software is designed to optimize E-Prime experiment communication with Brain Products EEG systems. Synchronize the timing of your E-Prime experiment with your EEG data and more!

Drag and drop PackageCalls give the ability to:

  • Start, stop, pause and continue your EEG recording
  • Send markers at specified events (e.g., onset of stimulus or response)
  • Send customized markers based on stimuli type for simpler data analysis
  • Send marker of response accuracy
  • Verify recording has started
  • Receive notification of EEG errors
  • Load Recorder Workspaces
  • Set Recorder Monitoring, Impedance, and Test Signal modes


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E-Prime Extensions for Brain Products 3.0 requires E-Prime 3.0, Brain Products Recorder, and Remote Control Server.

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