E-Prime Challenge


Congratulations Alexandros Rouchitsas!

Our winner for the 2018 E-Prime Challenge is Alexandros Rouchitsas of Luleå University of Technology. His experiment, Expectation of Social Interaction with a Virtual Agent based on Mutual Gaze Duration, gained the highest average rating among our four judges.

Alexandros wins an E-Prime 3.0 Single User License, a Chronos, and an E-Prime Challenge t-shirt. Congratulations Alexandros!

This was a close competition. The rating for our second place contestant was only a half a point behind our winner. Therefore, we would also like to recognize David Frank of University of Texas A&M – Commerce. His experiment, Plants Vs. Zombies Dynamic, is also on display at Psychonomics 2018. David wins an E-Prime 3.0 Single User License. Congratulations David!

Thank you to our team of judges for their effort! They have provided feedback for each contestant which will be delivered to each contestant soon.


Our team of  judges:

Anthony Zuccolotto
Original E-Prime Developer, Current President and CEO of PST

Brandon Cernicky
Lead E-Prime Developer, Software Engineering Manager of PST

David McFarlane
Systems Designer at Michigan State University, Famous Google Group Contributor

Michiel Spape
Senior Researcher at University of Helsinki, Co-Author of The E-Primer, Popular Google Group Contributor