PsychMate Testimonials

"PsychMate is an incredibly useful tool for providing a realistic laboratory experience in the classroom environment. It allows students to gain firsthand knowledge of the classic experiments across the various fields of psychology. The most attractive feature of PsychMate is that it is incredibly user-friendly for student and instructor alike. In short, PsychMate enables a strong interactive relationship between the learner, the teacher, and the conceptual content of the lab course."


Donald J. Bolger
University of Pittsburgh


"The analysis is slick! Excel generates summary information and graphs automatically. I would recommend this product to professors who are doing lab classes, in particular introductory research classes."


Dr. Leslie A. Valdes
St. Cloud State University


"The time saving in analyzing and preparing class handouts is a Godsend. Data analysis is seamless and effortless."


Hank Gorman
Austin College

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