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E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Starter Program

E-Prime Extensions for Tobii combines the power of E-Prime with easy to use Tobii eye trackers. The E-Prime Extensions for Tobii includes the script necessary to integrate E-Prime with Tobii eye tracking technology. E-Studio’s graphical design interface allows users to drag and drop eye tracking functionality into existing E-Prime experiments or to easily create new E-Prime eye tracking experiments.


Frequently Asked Questions about Our Starter Program


What is the E-Prime Extensions for Tobii (EET) Starter Program?

The E-Prime Extensions for Tobii (EET) Starter Program is a program offered by PST for E-Prime Extensions for Tobii customers. The goal of this program is to assist EET customers with the implementation of their first EET/E-Prime eye tracking experiment.


How does the program work?

A designated liaison from your lab will work with our EET Starter Program staff to develop a technical specification of your experiment. This agreed upon specification will be a near approximation of the final experiment you will use to collect data. The finished experiment should be generalized so that you may use it as a template for your future experiments.


How can I tell if I am eligible for the E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Starter Program?

To determine if you are eligible for the EET Starter Program, please submit a support request to E-Prime Web Support with the text "Starter Program Inquiry" in the title of your request. One of the E-Prime Web Support staff will contact you with further details.


Do I need to know how to use E-Prime to participate?

While you do not need to have any E-Prime experience to be eligible to participate in the program, your liaison will need to familiarize him or herself with E-Prime by reading through the E-Prime Getting Started Guide and completing the exercises.


How long will it take for my experiment to be completed?

The timeline for your experiment will be determined after your liaison and our EET Starter Program staff agree upon the experiment’s specifications. Each experiment timeline may vary and is subject to change (Please note there is a one month minimum from formal acceptance into the Starter Program for paradigm completion).

For further information, contact: E-Prime Web Support


How much does the EET Starter Program cost?

Please contact us for details.


What hardware and software components are required?

You will need to have a Tobii Eye Tracker, E-Prime Extensions for Tobii, and an E-Prime 1.x or 2.0 Standard or Professional license.

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