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SMI Experiment Suite Scientific Overview

Dedicated software for eye tracking research


The SMI Experiment Suite Scientific is an eye tracking software featuring tailored research tools. Its two integrated components, SMI Experiment Center and SMI BeGaze, support the entire workflow for moving efficiently from experimental design through data analysis. It is fully compatible with E-Prime, with SMI BeGaze offering in-depth eye tracking analysis of E-Prime experiments.

  • Takes you efficiently from experimental design through data analysis
  • Use a wide variety of stimulus formats, e.g. text, video, web and composite stimuli
  • Record eye and gaze data, annotate behavior and synchronize with physiological sensors
  • Analyze looking behavior using visualizations and comprehensive statistics


Fields of use: SMI Experiment Suite features tailored tools for research in fields such as psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and education

SMI Experiment Suite Scientific Features

Experiment Design

SMI Experiment Suite Scientific is suitable for both simple and complex experimental setups. Choose from text, questionnaires, images, videos, PDFs, or dynamic websites to design complex experimental scenes with the Compose Editor.



During the data recording, SMI Experiment Center permits a live view of the stimulus with a participant's gaze overlay. The Annotations feature lets you assign markers to time points or time intervals while the experiment is running. Participant's actions, such as mouse clicks or key strokes, are automatically recorded. SMI Experiment Center supports sending of TTL triggers and software messages to reliably synchronize ye tracking data with other physiological data sources, such as EEG.



SMI BeGaze, the analysis component of SMI Experiment Suite Scientific, provides a comprehensive spectrum of smart functions for analysis and visualization of the data collected in SMI Experiment Center, or in other popular stimulus software via SDK. For instance, results are visualized by Scan Paths or Heat Maps and can be exported as a video or an image for documentation and presentations.

Using the Proportion of Looks analysis you can aggregate and compare hits on Areas of Interest across stimuli, participants, and AOIs by flexibly selecting parameters and by building up comparisons step-by-step. SMI's powerful statistics allows configuration and export of statistical data tables of more than 100 statistical variables.


SMI BeGaze is fully compatible with E-Prime offering in-depth eye tracking analysis of E-Prime experiments.

SMI Experiment Suite Scientific Pricing

Please email us at sales@pstnet.com for more information or request a quote.

SMI Experiment Suite Scientific Support

For technical support please visit our Product Service and Support Website.

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