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Psychology Software Tools, Inc. has achieved ISO 13485:2003 certification

Pittsburgh, PA. March 2009 - Psychology Software Tools, Inc. (PST), a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of software and hardware for behavioral psychology and brain imaging, has recently achieved ISO 13485:2003 certification for its quality management system related to the design, production, assembly, installation and servicing of psychological assessment tools.

"While this is truly a landmark event in PST’s continuing growth and evolution over a 20 year period, the process of improving quality and company performance at PST is a continuous effort. The management team is committed to providing long term and persistent support to adopt and enhance our quality policies in all aspects of the company to achieve lasting success. Our ISO 13485:2003 certification provides PST’s customers with a pledge of dedication to providing quality products while demonstrating the readiness of our operational processes to take on the demanding challenges of designing and manufacturing medical devices that are robust, reliable, and effective. This accomplishment brings us a step closer to transitioning our many product successes in the behavioral and brain imaging research markets into clinical practices. I want to take this opportunity to clearly recognize all of PST’s employees for the dedication, focus, and hard work that has made this certification possible."

Anthony Zuccolotto
President and CEO, Psychology Software Tools, Inc.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer of standards that contribute to making the development, manufacturing, and supply of products and services more efficient, safer, and cleaner. ISO 13485:2003 certification ensures that companies provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. In order to obtain the certification, PST has demonstrated its ability to successfully implement a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacturing of medical devices that meet these regulatory requirements.

About Psychology Software Tools, Inc.
Psychology Software Tools, Inc was founded in 1987 by Dr. Walter Schneider. PST provides software and hardware for psychology research, assessment, and education to over 3000 research institutions and laboratories throughout the world. The PST Corporate Headquarters are on Ardmore Blvd in the Forest Hills section of Pittsburgh. PST employs 35 staff and also has resellers in nine countries.

Contact: To arrange an interview with Anthony Zuccolotto, President and CEO, please contact Gretchen Archer, Marketing Coordinator.
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