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Past PST Quarterly Newsletters:

PST 2016 Q2 Newsletter: New Product Releases, Quick E-Prime Survey

PST 2016 Q1 Newsletter: E-Prime Survey, New E-Prime Extension, Updated Store

PST 2015 Q3/Q4 Newsletter: PST at SfN, E-Prime and Chronos Windows 10 Compatible

PST 2015 Q2 Newsletter: Chronos Discount Ends Soon, fMRI Products at OHBM

PST 2015 Q1 Newsletter: E-Prime 2.0 SP2 Released, Extension Updates, Timing Data

PST 2014 Q3 Newsletter: E-Prime Script Questions, Quality System Recertification

PST 2014 Q1 Newsletter: E-Prime 3 Survey Results, SR Box Price Increase

PST 2013 Q4 Newsletter: E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Compatible with E-Prime 2.0 SP1

PST 2013 Q3 Newsletter: E-Prime 2.0 SP1 Now Available

PST 2013 Q2 Newsletter: New Support Site; Celeritas Product Release, E-Prime Support

PST 2013 Q1 Newsletter: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle within E-Studio; PST GM and OM Appointed; Upcoming Events

PST 2012 Q4 Newsletter: Upcoming E-Prime Webinars

PST 2012 Q3 Newsletter: E-Run Test, New Videos

PST 2012 Q2 Newsletter: E-Prime 2.0 is Complete!

PST 2012 Q1 Newsletter: 25th Anniversary; E-Prime Release Date


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