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MoTrak Press Release

Psychology Software Tools uses Ascension Technology's Flock of Birds in MoTrak, our Head Motion Tracking System.  Ascension's Flock of Birds enables MoTrak to monitor how much an MRI participant moves while a simulated scan is in process.  This data is used to train a participant on how much motion is too much, ultimately minimizing critical data loss. 

Anthony Zuccolotto, President and CEO of Psychology Software Tools, Inc., states that PST chose the Flock tracker because it provides the best response accuracy for six degrees-of-freedom data.  It also has the highest quality sensitivity of motion.  Zuccolotto adds, "Coincidentally, and independent of our decision, this tracker was less expensive than other tracking products providing six degrees-of-motion sensing.  Improved quality scan data for fMRI researchers is a direct result of Ascension's Flock of Birds."

Jack Scully, Ascension's Vice-President for New Business Development adds, "Ascension trackers are expanding research and diagnostic possibilities for physicians and medical researchers worldwide.  PST's MoTrak and MRI Simulator are good examples of how 3D tracking helps target and improve the efficiency of fMRI research procedures."


Click here to read our full joint press release with Ascension Technology.

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