E-Prime 2.0

E-Prime 2.0 Professional

E-Prime® is a suite of applications to fulfill all of your computerized experiment needs. Used by more than 15,000 professionals in the research community, E-Prime® provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. E-Prime® provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data. E-Prime's flexibility to create simple to complex experiments is ideal for both novice and advanced users.

PsychMate® is a library of experiments designed to provide a means for exposing students to classic and current experiments in psychology, as well as to teach students about research methods and data collection. Students participate in real experiments, not simple demonstrations or simulations!
VR Worlds 2
VR Worlds 2 is designed for the creation and execution of neurobehavioral studies. The VR Worlds 2 platform allows accurate, real-time data collection of the navigation and interactions within a simulated environment. Bundled with the content package of your choice, you are free to design and perform custom or predefined experiments tailored to your personal research or clinical needs.
The Computer Assessment of Mild Cognitive Impairment (CAMCI®) is a self-administered, user-friendly screening tool. CAMCI is designed to provide the level of risk that the individual's cognitive performance would fall within the range of MCI if tested on a comprehensive neuropsychological test battery and reviewed by expert neuropsychologists.
MoTrak® software uses Ascension Technology's Flock of Birds. The sensor attached to the subject's head determines the position of the head in space relative to the transmitter. The sensor records angular rotations as well as positional displacements from an initially calibrated position.
SimFx software simulates the ambient scanner sound and the active scanning noise. Four sound files can be played simultaneously. SimFx also has the capability to accept input from an experimental paradigm which can be used to simulate how the scanner synchronization pulse triggers an experiment.
BrainVoyager QX is a highly optimized and user-friendly software package for the analysis and visualization of multi-modal brain imaging data, not only for structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging data sets but, since BVQX version 2.0, also for EEG and MEG data sets in combination with MR measurements.
BESA (Brain Electrical Source Analysis) is the most widely used software for source analysis and dipole localization in EEG and MEG research. BESA has been developed on the basis of 20 years experience in human brain research by Michael Scherg, University of Heidelberg, and Patrick Berg, University of Konstanz.
Serial Response Box
The Serial Response Box features a 0 millisecond debounce period. This is something that simply cannot be achieved from a standard keyboard! PST has engineered the Serial Response Box so that the response is time stamped and then the signal is verified for accuracy.
Fiber Optic Button Response System
The Fiber Optic Button Response Units attach to the participant's wrists and can be comfortably adjusted during scanning. The units are constructed almost entirely from plastic, completely eliminating all metal inside the magnet room. The units communicate button presses through fiber optic cabling which connects to a Fiber Optic Interface Console located in the control room through an available wave guide.
Persaio™ MRI Noise Cancellation System
Persaio™ is an active noise cancellation system for use in MRI research studies. The system eliminates the need for the creation of special scan sequences in order to obtain vocal response data by seamlessly integrating with standard scans. Employing a single MR-compatible microphone and the Repitition Time (TR) Persaio utilizes patent-pending technology to reduce scanner noise dramatically (up to 30 dB in real-time) allowing researchers to hear their participants' speech clearly.
Foot Pedal
As an alternative to vocal latency or a key press to collect your subject's response, you may utilize our Foot Pedal. Collect your subject's foot response through a Foot Pedal that connects to the Serial Response Box through the integrated expansion port.
Custom Expansion Kit
The Custom Expansion Kit allows you the flexibility to create your very own response collection device! The Serial Response Box Custom Expansion Kit enables you to make a custom key and lamp configuration and interface it to the Serial Response Box. With the Custom Expansion Kit you can design your own layout of up to 8 switches for use with E-Prime®, and then connect this layout via the expansion cable to the Serial Response Box circuitry.
Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System
The Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p) and synchronized image frame rate with continuous monitoring for optimum presentation and timing of fMRI experiments.
Tobii Eye Trackers
Get set up in minutes on any desktop or laptop computer. Achieve objective results time and cost efficiently, without need for expertise. Tobii Eye Trackers makes eye tracking easy and fully automatic.
Avotec Audio System
A supremely simple system, rugged and reliable, that provides elegant solutions to common patient complaints about MRI exams. All this leads to happier and more comfortable patients, which means less time lost and fewer incomplete scans for you. The SS-3100 system adds three fMRI specific features to Avotec's SS-3000 system; mode selection, third octave (OTO) filter bank, and audio calibration.
MR Simulator
MRI studies require long periods of scanning with minimal participant movement. The procedure can be an unsettling experience for many participants causing excessive movement resulting in unusable data and lost funds. Special populations such as children, the elderly, and psychiatric participants, are often prone to claustrophobia and anxiety in the bore of a magnet, and consequently have a much higher rate of terminating the scan session before its completion.
fMRI Vision Correction Lenses
MR safe vision correction lens system.
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