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SMI Eye Tracking Solutions from Psychology Software Tools, Inc.

SMI Eye Tracking Solutions

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) provides remote and wearable eye tracking solutions for studies in the laboratory, in real-life and in virtual environments.  The range of applications spans:


Cognitive and Developmental Psychology and Psycholinguistics
Unravel the complexities of human behavior

  • Analyze visual saliency of stimuli and visual search
  • Investigate the development of cognitive and emotional faculties throughout infancy and aging
  • Study language acquisition, language processing and reading


Neuroscience, Neurological and Mental Health Disorders
Analyze processing of visual information in the brain

  • Evaluate the interplay of brain response and gaze behavior
  • Use insights to understand neurodegenerative diseases
  • Examine social attention and mental health disorders


Human Factors and Usability research
Evaluate the interaction

  • Measure on-task performance, e.g. with control room interfaces
  • Evaluate ease of use and logical user interface navigation


Market Research
Study consumer behavior

  • Measure brand's share of attention
  • Evaluate in-store campaigns and package designs



Integrate SMI Eye Tracking with E-Prime® using E-Prime® Extensions for SMI!

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