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Tobii Pro Eye Trackers from Psychology Software Tools, Inc.

Tobii Pro Eye Trackers

Eye tracking is used to answer an endless array of research questions in fields such as:


Cognitive psychology

  • Transformation of cognitive and social abilities of infants
  • Acquisition and processing of language


Developmental psychology

  • Cognitive, social, and emotional abilities, spanning from infancy to adulthood


  • Identify cause of poor reading skills
  • Develop learning programs for dyslexic children


Usability research

  • Understand the decision making process


Neuropsychology & mental health disorders

  • Examine brain activity and eye movements simultaneously while people engage in cognitive tasks
  • Measure the conditions under which external visual stimuli of moderate intensity capture spatial attention
  • Analyze object-by-object search mechanisms in studies of change blindness



Integrate Eye Tracking with E-Prime® using E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii!

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