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SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless Overview

Mobile eye tracking in daily life scenarios


SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless (SMI ETG 2w) are designed to record a person's gaze behavior in real-time - in a broad range of applications and with outstanding robustness, mobility and ease of use. Via wireless control from a remote computer, operators can observe live gaze traces in a scene video and add live annotations on a user's behavior. The ETG 2w comes with a slim and lightweight ETG smart recorder which ensures full wireless data access with no compromise on mobility.

  • Mobile eye tracker for everyday research scenarios proven with 100,000+ users
  • Native, binocular eye tracking up to 120 Hz sampling rate
  • Full remote control for wireless live observation, audio feedback and annotations
  • Low latency synchronization with EEG, motion tracking, VR and other data
  • Wireless SDK with live data access and trigger support


Fields of use: SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w can be used in a broad range of daily research scenarios, e.g. to monitor social interaction and rehabilitation, to evaluate shelf layouts and package designs, to assess athletes' performance, and to evaluate user strategies.




SMI ETG 2w Features

Observe and annotate in real-time

With the wireless live capabilities of the SMI ETG 2w, professionals and scientists have full wireless control of a study. From a remote computer or tablet connected via Wi-Fi, operators can collect participant properties, perform calibration, observe live gaze traces and add live annotations to a user's behavior. For enhanced productivity, annotations can be used in SMI BeGaze software to efficiently focus data analysis on relevant sequences of the recorded data.


Record native, binocular eye tracking up to 120 Hz

SMI's high quality eye tracking technology provides native, binocular tracking up to 120 Hz sampling rate over the whole trackable field of view.


Synchronize with EEG, motion tracking and other data streams

The SMI ETG 2w smart recorder offers wireless and local access to the recording interface. With its mobile connectivity functionalities, it allows for easy synchronization of visual attention with physiological data, motion tracking and other external data streams with no compromise on mobility. Via dedicated protocols, plug-ins and other options of SMI Eye Tracking Connected, the SMI ETG 2w can easily be combined with leading partner solutions in fields ranging from multimodal cognition research to virtual reality


Access live data with wireless SDK

Developers can access SMI's enhanced wearable eye tracking platform and integrate mobile eye tracking data in custom application and sensor networks. The wireless SDK feeds a real-time stream of gaze, pupil data and eye tracking video into connected applications. Wireless logging of incoming trigger messages supports synchronization with events in other data streams. To facilitate synchronization, SMI plug-ins are available for standard communication protocols such as Lab Streaming Layer or VRPN.


Observe special user groups with snap-on corrective lenses and sun glasses

While previous ETG versions already worked with many vision correction spectacles, SMI implemented an additional solution with snap-on corrective lenses to cover the maximum user population. The SMI ETG 2w also comes with snap-on sun glasses which ensure robust tracking in outdoor situations.

SMI ETG2w Pricing

Please email us at sales@pstnet.com for more information or request a quote.

SMI ETG2w Support

For technical support please visit our Product Service and Support Website.

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