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SMI REDn Scientific Overview

Portable, contact-free eye tracker with extra large headbox


The SMI REDn Scientific is a lightweight and reliable eye tracker that enables researchers to conduct fixation-based studies with a new level of ease. The extra large tracking range allows for very natural behavior even of the most restless participants such as young children. The eye tracker weighs just 75 grams and can be taken to any real-life location.

  • Extra large tracking range complements superior robustness
  • Outstanding accuracy and precision
  • Easy interfacing with physiological data acquisition systems


Fields of use: Perfect for fixation based studies, e.g. in development psychology and educational research, e.g. at kindergartens or schools.




SMI REDn Scientific Features

Portable design for studies at real-life locations

The SMI REDn Scientific weighs only 75 grams and can run from a laptop with no additional power supply needed. This way, it can be taken to any real-life environment familiar to participants


Extra large headbox complements superior robustness

The extra large tracking range allows for very natural behavior even of most restless participants, such as young children and patients. The SMI REDn Scientific requires no head restraint or markers. It is highly robust for vision corrections (glasses and contact lenses), as well as across ethnicities and age groups, providing an extremely broad population coverage.


Outstanding accuracy and precision

Outstanding accuracy and precision provided by a a new generation of eye tracking algorithms ensure reliable results. Based on two decades of experience and the best available technology, the SMI REDn Scientific is designed to ensure instant eye tracking in any environment.


Easy interfacing with physiological data acquisition systems

Software messages and up to eight TTL inputs allow to reliably synchronize SMI eye tracking data with physiological data sources, such as EEG, either directly, or via a dedicated synchronization hardware such as StimTracker for SMI. Via tailored protocols, plug-ins and other options of SMI Eye Tracking Connected, the SMI REDn Scientific can easily be combined with leading partner solutions in fields ranging from multimodal cognition research to virtual reality.


Compatible with stimulus presentation software

The REDn Scientific is compatible with SMI Experiment Suite Scientific and with E-Prime stimulus presentation software.


Data output includes but is not limited to:

  • Pupil size, gaze position and gaze vectors
  • Software messages and TTL trigger
  • Eye event data (fixations, blinks)

SMI REDn Scientific Pricing

Please email us at sales@pstnet.com for more information or request a quote.

SMI REDn Scientific Support

For technical support please visit our Product Service and Support Website.

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