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Mock MRI Head Coils Overview

A mock MRI head coil is an essential accessory for the MRI Simulator for participants to experience the full fMRI scanning environment. Each head coil is keyed to fit securely to the table of the MRI Simulator and includes a head pad for participant comfort. Our head coil products are dimensional representations of the manufacturer's real head coils. Multiple head coils can be used, as all models are interchangeable.


Three head coil options are available:


32 Channel Siemens Style Mock Head Coil with Rear Facing Mirror System



32 Channel Siemens Style Mock Head Coil



GE Style Mock Head Coil



Siemens Style Mock Head Coil




These products are intended for research use only.

Mock MRI Head Coils Pricing

Please email us at sales@pstnet.com for more information or request a quote.

Mock MRI Head Coils Support

For technical support please visit our Product Service and Support Website.

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