E-Prime Testimonials

"I have to thank YOU and the team for your quick reactions, for taking my problems seriously and for not giving up looking for possible solutions. As a customer one does not encounter that so often. If all support teams all over the world would be like you, PC life would be a bit easier! At the moment I have no more questions. I am very happy to use Eprime 2 now on my own PC!"

Astrid F.

"This is a great program, I have tried numerous others and spent weeks trying to format one experiment, with your software it took me about an hour!"

Cynthia Kuhn,

University of Central Missouri

"I believe E-Prime is a fine experiment operating system continuing along the line established by its predecessor MEL.Support for the program from PST is outstanding, and what's more, the users themselves have created a support system through email exchanges that are archived and available for present and future users. It's also a dynamic system that continues to grow with developments in computer technology. I recommend it very highly to any investigator in cognitive psychology who can use computerized experimentation to advance their research goals."

Professor Sudevan,

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"I've just started using E-Prime, and the more I get to know it, the more I like it. It's got the two hallmarks of great software: tremendous power and real ease of use. I've been singing its praises to anyone who will listen."

Dr. Edward Kako,

Swarthmore College

"The technical support we are getting is fabulous!"

Carole Belanger,

Univ. of British Columbia

"We pitted the timing of E-Prime against our crystal controlled microcontroller clock with an accuracy of 100 parts per million. We compared our timestamps with those generated by E-Prime. Our findings: E-Prime has millisecond timing accuracy."

Colin Davey,

Electrical Geodesics, Inc.

"E-Prime is even easier than PsyScope and has a lot more flexibility."

Dr. Karen Arnell,

North Dakota State University

"The support you get with PST is the best part of the deal. The staff is extremely bright, creative, savvy about psychological research, and they don't seem to tire of fielding questions from me and my students. In five years they have never failed to supply prompt and precise solutions."

Dr. R. Brooke Lea,

Macalester College

"I have never received responsive, personalized support in my interactions with other software companies as I have received from the E-Prime support staff.

I assume that my positive interactions are a direct reflection of PST's leadership and the professional and personal skills of their employees."

Dr. Matthew Swiergosz

"Thank you for your awesome help and quick response time. We are happy with E-Prime and PST. We've been able to run some fascinating experiments because of its power and flexibility. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"

Mr. Brian Meier,

Social Psychology

Ph.D. Student North Dakota University

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