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Psychology Software Tools has entered in industrial partnerships with the industry's leading brain imaging, EEG/ERP, and eye tracking software and hardware vendors to provide the most advanced technology tools to the research community.


PST has teamed up with Brain Electrical Source Analysis (BESA) to become a distributor of BESA.

BESA is the most widely used software for source analysis and dipole localization in EEG and MEG research. BESA has been developed on the basis of 20 years experience in human brain research by Michael Scherg, University of Heidelberg, and Patrick Berg, University of Konstanz.


PST is now a North American distributor of the BrainVoyagerTM product family.

Brain Innovation B.V. develops scientific software in the field of human and animal brain imaging, neural network simulation and computer-based experiment control. BrainVoyager is a commercially available cross-platform neuroimaging tool for fMRI, DTI, EEG, MEG, and TMS neuronavigation that is used in hundreds of labs around the planet. Turbo-BrainVoyager is an easy to use program for real-time data analysis, which allows you to observe a subject's or patient's brain activity during an ongoing functional MRI scanning session. TMS Neuronavigator provides the hard- and software to navigate a TMS coil to desired anatomical or functionally defined brain regions. 


PST and EGI worked together to interface E-Prime with NetStation. EGI has developed a workstation that allows the researcher to take advantage of the flexibility and ease of use of E-Prime in the demanding environment of ERP experiments. Please contact EGI for specific details regarding this endeavor.

Founded in 1992, Electrical Geodesics Inc. (EGI) set the goal of making dense array EEG (dEEG) practical and affordable for research laboratories. There are now over 500 sites in over 450 academic institutions, hospitals, and clinics using EGI's Geodesic EEG Systems, in over 30 countries. There are over 2200 research papers published in leading scientific and medical journals using EGI technology.


MindWare Technologies Ltd., formed in 2001, is the premier provider of hardware and software solutions for psychophysiology, cardiovascular and Life Science research. MindWare has a wealth of application domain knowledge in psychophysiology and related disciplines with a broad array of engineering expertise. This unique combination of expertise has enabled us to develop a line of innovative measurement equipment, systems and the industry gold standard analysis applications focused in our domain.


E-Prime Extensions for Smart Eye provides real-time communication between E-Prime and Smart Eye Pro.

Smart Eye was founded in 1999 to provide the market with real-time and completely non-invasive eye, eyelid, and head tracking technology for a wide range of situations - with this a new generation of Eye Tracking technology based on 3D measurements was born. 


E-Prime Extensions for SMI provides control of SMI eye trackers from E-Prime, including gaze-contingent experiment design functionality.

Founded in 1991, SMI is a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications. Working closely with our clients, we have more than 20 years' experience in developing and marketing application-specific gaze & eye tracking systems. Our eye trackers and software products combine a maximum of performance and usability with the highest possible quality, resulting in high-value solutions for our customers. 



E-Prime Extensions for Tobii combines the power of E-Prime with the easy to use Tobii Pro eye trackers.

Tobii Pro is the division within Tobii Group that helps business and science professionals gain valuable insights into human behavior. Our high-quality eye tracking solutions capture human behavior in a natural way, ultimately affording users access to valuable, objective data about real responses to stimuli. See more information on Tobii Pro Glasses, X2-60, X3-120, T60XL, and TX300 eye trackers. 

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